Pregnancy Massage

Massage during pregnancy is particularly rewarding. Pregnancy Massage can alleviate many minor symptoms associated with pregnancy such as morning sickness, constipation, backache, heartburn, nausea, sore legs due to fluid retention and it helps to prevent stretch marks.

Precious Vessel

A wonderfully nurturing pregnancy massage, focussing on all the areas which need attention in pregnant mummies. Starting with the back, it includes a relaxing face massage and finishes with extra attention to those tired achy feet.

1 Hour – $60
90 mins – $90

Feet Treatment

A treat for the feet. This holistic foot massage will loosen tight and tired feet, bringing renewed energy, helping to move the lymphatic fluid and calm sore overworked feet. This treatment is perfect for pregnant mummies with achy or puffy feet that are unaccustomed to carrying around that bump. It will be a foot massage long remembered!

30 minutes – $30

Beautiful Bump

A half hour massage, focusing on the areas which most need attention in heavily pregnant mummies. You can choose the focus, your back or your legs.

30 Minutes – $30

“Urmi does wonderful relaxing massages. It is always such a treat to have one, and I had decided that during my first pregnancy I would treat myself as much as I could! It has been very worth it, I always walk out feeling fabulous and my skin feels great from the oils as well as my body. Urmi provides a lovely environment with calming music and soft lighting. She always discusses your specific needs to begin with, so the massage is always tailored to any particular areas that are uncomfortable. I moved from Christchurch down south mid-way through the pregnancy, but was back in Christchurch over the weekend so was able to return to Urmi again. Thoroughly recommended – I intend to return with baby to learn the art of baby massage too! Thanks so much.”
Mummy to be…